Laura and I are not married yet but the preparation of this trip could be assimilated to the preparation of our wedding!

I mean this is an important project for us and it took us almost 1 year to get it done to look at where to go? how to go? and what to do?

Of course it wasn’t a full year dedicated to planification, first of all I needed to confirm my sabbatical with my company before to project myself into the trip, then I think, only during our holidays to Costa Rica in February 2018, we both agreed to go to Asia because we already have some experiences with Asia thanks to previous trips and because we love the culture, the people and the food (ok, you don’t plan such a trip only based on food but you know food is an important factor for French 🙂 ).

It’s during last weeks before the D-day that everything get accelerated, when we finally made our visas, vaccinations, bookings and final calls with NGOs.

It’s also during the last week that we realized…we realized we were about to leave for 3months, the fact everything was more concrete allowed us to project ourselves into the trip but, to me, the crucial point was all the farewell parties we had with friends and family, then I understood Aasha wasn’t in my mind anymore but really concrete.

Let’s come back to the purpose of this post, 100 days trip to Asia! wow it sounds a lot but I can tell you that with the planning we have it’ll fly really fast.

100 days trip to Asia

We had several plans, initially we were a bit too optimistic. We took a map and Laura draw the perfect itinerary (you know the one without any constraints) and it ended up with a journey starting from Russia and ending in Indonesia, all by trains!!! I told you the optimistic plan 🙂

Finally after putting things in perspective we decided to visit 6 countries in the most sustainable way as possible and to support NGO projects will find on our route. We’ll come back to the projects in a different post but they are all really awesome!

As you understood we start with India, then Nepal, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam.

Follow the blog and stay tuned because we’ll share a lot during the remaining 99 days 🙂

3 thoughts

  1. On est encore loin de l’avoir fait mais on a jamais été aussi près du but 🙂 mais on garde des pays à visiter en votre compagnie!


  2. Moi aussi j’ai réalisé tard que vous partiez déjà, et 3mois! Profitez à fond, savourez chaque moment mais rentrez vite nous transmettre et raconter tout ça ! 😘

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